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  • We would like to thank the team at Portfolio Advisors, particularly our direct advisor A.J. Flores for the exceptional care and acumen with which they handled my mother’s account over the last 10 years of her life. A.J. made sure that her relatively modest retirement savings were invested in such a way as to give her peace of mind and comfort that she would not outlive her finances. Additionally he made sure she understood his strategy so that there were no surprises. He was always available to offer guidance and answer questions.

    Following my mother’s passing in October 2023, A.J. thoroughly walked us through our options and requirements for handling the balance of her estate. His guidance was not only helpful but took a lot of strain off of us at this very difficult time. Through it all, his compassion for our family was something we will never forget.

    Lelia Perdue, Uncompensated testimonial from actual client (2023)

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