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Strategic Financial Advice for:

  • Mid-Career Professionals
  • Those 5-7 Years Away from Retirement
  • Current Retirees

Find Your Path

Which of the following best describes you (and/or your spouse)?

I would like help with:

  • Social Security & Medicare
  • Reducing taxes
  • Taking money out of my investment portfolio and making it last
  • Leaving a legacy to my family

I would like help with:

  • Determining if/when I can retire
  • Decisions I have to make around Social Security, Medicare/health care, pensions, etc
  • Reducing taxes
  • Making the most (financially) of my working years

I would like help with:

  • How much I should be saving for my (and my family’s) future
  • Reducing taxes
  • Wrapping my arms around and organizing my finances
  • Delegating the management of my finances so I can spend more time doing the things I love

Serving Families And Individuals, One Unique Story At A Time

We proudly serve families in the Central Valley as well as across the country. Whether you are a mid-career professional with a growing family, a retiree, or 5-7 years away from retiring, we have tailored financial advice that fits your unique picture.

We have experience serving a broad variety of professions including:

Small Business Owners

Medical Professionals

Teachers & Administrators

Public Employees

& Many More!

As a fee-only firm, we have your best interests at heart.

Putting You At The Center Of Your Financial Picture

Fee-Only Fiduciary

Transparent fees, fiduciary standard of conduct, always serving your best interest.

Customized Approach

Finances are intimate; our approach strives to treat our relationship more like a family, less like a transaction.

Educational Approach

Simplifying complex financial concepts so you’re empowered not overwhelmed.

What’s on your mind is important to us. We want to meet you where you are at in your current financial picture. And last but not least, a financial advisory relationship should be about aligning your capital (money, time, energy, and attention) with what is truly important to you. Take our Return On Life Index Assessment (spouses should take the assessment separately) to help develop a plan tailored to your unique goals and circumstances. (Psst… We can discuss your results at our first meeting!)

A sound financial plan is about bringing all of the crucial pieces of the financial puzzle together. Those key pieces include Retirement Planning, Investment Management, Tax Planning, and Estate Planning. In providing these services and more, we can help with putting the complete picture together for you and your family.

Retirement Planning

We create a road map to help you prepare for the future, whatever retirement looks like for you. This process is ongoing and dynamic, helping to identify the incremental steps you can take and adjusting along the way as needed.

Tax Planning

Our team helps to identify tax savings strategies in an ever-changing environment. We can collaborate with your tax preparer to evaluate your options and ease the tax filing process.

Investment Management

Our approach is rooted in evidence-based strategies, harnessing the power of the markets over time. We firmly believe that it is about ‘time IN the market’ as opposed to ‘TIMING the market’. We are here to help you stay disciplined through bad as well as good market periods, helping you focus on what you can control as an investor in the stock market.

Estate Planning & Charitable Giving

We help you protect your assets, plan for the future, and give back to causes you care about. Our specialized services can help secure your legacy, with the goal of ensuring that your impact is felt for generations.

Are you asking yourself any of these questions?

Our focus has migrated from just investments to addressing real-life pain points you may be experiencing.

Do I have enough to retire?

Am I making smart financial decisions during my working years?

Have I saved enough for my children’s college?  


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Not all services will be necessary or appropriate for all clients, and the potential value and benefit of the adviser’s services will vary based upon a variety of factors, such as the client’s investment and financial circumstances and overall objectives. Neither customized services nor the scope or nature of financial planning should be construed as guarantees of a particular outcome. Clients are free to accept or reject any planning recommendations provided by the firm and may choose to implement accepted recommendations with the professional(s) of the client’s choosing. The effectiveness and potential success of adviser’s services can depend on a variety of factors, including but not limited to the manner and timing of implementation, the client’s tax bracket and financial circumstances, coordination with the client and the client’s other engaged professionals, market conditions, and other factors. Portfolio Advisors, neither a law firm nor an accounting firm and does not provide legal or tax advice. Website visitors and clients should consult an attorney or tax professional regarding their specific legal or tax situation. Past performance does not guarantee future results. All investing comes with risk, including risk of loss.