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We understand that planning for your financial future is a crucial step towards achieving your dreams. Our fee calculator tool is designed to give you clarity and transparency when it comes to understanding the costs associated with our financial planning services.

Click on the following boxes that best describes your financial picture in order to estimate your fees:

Less than $300k in Investible Assets

Only looking for investment management services.

Less than $300k in Investible Assets

Would like to take advantage of most and/or all planning services.

$300k or more in Investible Assets

Would like to take advantage of most and/or all planning services.

Unfortunately, we might not be the right fit for you. We welcome you to contact our office for a 15-minute phone conversation so that we may be able to point you in the right direction.

Your minimum annual fee would be $3,000, adjusted for 3% inflation annually. For example, year 1 your fee would be $3,000. Year 2: $3,000 x 3% = $90, so fee would be $3,090.

Here is our fee schedule, upon which the below blended rates are based:

* Subject to minimum annual fee of $3,000

Here’s what our clients pay us, based on the portfolio sizes shown. These are blended, annualized rates determined by our fee schedule:

  • $1 million = 1.00%
  • $2 million = .75%
  • $3 million = .67%
  • $4 million = .56%
  • $5 million = .50%
  • Clients with $1,500,000 in assets under management (AUM) will be charged annually 1% of the first $1,000,000, plus .50% on the next $500,000.
  • Clients with $3,250,000 AUM are billed 1% on the first $1,000,000, plus .50% on the next $2,000,000, plus .25% of the remaining $250,000.

If you need more clarification or help understanding please feel free to give us a call at 559-432-8400 or schedule a call here.

These fee examples are for illustrative purposes only. Fees are negotiable, and actual fees incurred may vary from the examples provided on this page. Clients are advised to consult their advisory agreement with Portfolio Advisors, Inc., along with any applicable amendments or addendums, for specific information regarding their fees.

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