Jessica Woods

Chief Compliance Officer & Client Services Manager

What’s my mission?

“To cultivate a spirit of care so that all are supported during life events, big & small.”



With over 15 years of dedicated service at Portfolio Advisors, Jessica Woods combines her expertise with a passion for life’s adventures. She brings a wealth of experience and a passion for delivering exceptional client service as a Client Services Manager. A graduate of California State University, Fresno, she earned her degree in Business Administration with a Finance emphasis in 2008 before embarking on her career journey.

Beyond her professional role, Jessica is an avid traveler who craves the thrill of exploration. Her love for discovering new places and cultures fuels her adventurous spirit. Jessica also finds joy in immersing herself in the enchanting world of Disney, whether through classic movies, iconic music, or memorable visits to the theme parks.


  • California State University, Fresno: Bachelor of Science in Business Administration – Finance

Fun fact:

  • Jessica has been skydiving.